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Try Our Remote Webcast Service for The funeral Industry.

Free Camera
Free Installation
Free Dedicated Internet
Free Dedicated Webpage

100% uptime operating   24/7  –  365 Days a Year

How does the free camera and free internet work?

Broadband Highspeed internet is ordered for our customers.

Cameras are mounted in the parlor (Wall or ceiling mount)

The house audio is connected  to camera

Pro Level Mocrophones are provided if there is no house audio

Pro Level PTZ Camera Robotic Camera.
W/ Pro Audio Connection

What is a remote operated webcast / live stream?

Our remote workers, start the webcast  as scheduled,
Operate the camera’s Pan Tilt Zoom for best views,
End the broadcast as scheduled,

Our remote workers are Off site and out of the way.
Remote workers turn the cameras on and off remotely.
Remote Workers operate the pan tilt zoom remotely.


How does the Dedicated web page work.

Every parlor will have a webpage at www.dignity.tv

Parlors also get the embed code of live stream for  their own websites


What exactly do I have to pay?

We only charge a small fee for each funeral webcast

Can I get a download of The Webcast after it’s Over.?

Yes, We’ll send the download link to whomever requests it.

Will the live be available to watch after the stream ends?

Yes the stream will be available to re watch any time afterwards

A customer suddenly wants a webcast, can I order the webcast at the last minute

Yes the stream can be started within a moments notice. There is always someone available to run your webcast 24/7

I have 3 parlors in my facility can I have 3 cameras for each room?

Yes. You may have as many cameras as needed for your business.

About Us

We have been an early adapter of Funeral webcasting / Live streaming for the past 12 Years

Our Broadcast at The 2014 NFDMA Conference in Dallas TX.

We deliver proven transformative results with tailored strategies, deep industry expertise, and unwavering reliability for your business success.


"This service is worry free. They already installed the camera and internet.. I just send them the schedule for the week and everything is automatic"


LEt’s Work Together

We Work With Companies and Clients in every state.

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